Selfie stick Monopod with Bluetooth UFT SS26


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UFT SS26 Bluetooth It will become an indispensable helper when there is a need to capture the moments from your life which are pleasant and dear to the heart.

This is a modern monopod, with a new design. Monopod has a handle with soft touch coating, fits perfectly in hand and does not slip.

The holder opens to a width of 85 mm, which allows you to place almost any phone.

The UFTSS6B Bluetooth self stick is incredibly easy to use. The monopod power button is on the bottom of the handle. You need to turn on Bluetooth and run a search on your mobile phone. After selecting the required device from the list, you can immediately start shooting. The coverage is 10 meters, which allows you to place the phone on a tripod, for example, and take pictures using the UFT SS26 Bluetooth as if using a remote control.

The selfie stick has a gutter along the entire length of the telescopic tube, which prevents the phone or the action camera from rolling during shooting. For some Android phones, you may need to download the free SelfiShop Camera app from Google Play.

Dimensions19.5 × 5 × 3.5 cm

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