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The UFT IP24 tablet holder is qualitatively different from the existing analogues by its ease of installation and the quality of adhesion to the surface. A flexible tube shaped like a swan’s neck bends easily and turns in all directions. Giving you complete freedom and many options for use.

Simply unscrew the plastic washer at the base of the support in order to loosen the two legs, then attach to a table or other object, which width does not exceed 7.5 cm, and tighten. The washer is equipped with a special anti-slip coating so that you can easily unscrew it.

The versatile holder is capable of holding a tablet of any screen diagonal up to 23 cm. For thin tablets, special screws are provided that support the tablet from the back side, ensuring maximum fastening force.

Dimensions20 × 18 × 8.5 cm

UFT box, Private label box, No name box



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