Laptop Bamboo Table UFT T25


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Environmentally friendly folding laptop or tablet table UFT T25 will bring you a lot of comfort and pleasure from work or leisure. Provides for adjusting the angle of the tabletop to place the laptop at different angles for comfortable use.

The cup stand is also provided on the pad near the working surface of the table top. Design elements are also changed, all the table height fasteners are made of high-quality chrome-plated metal, which, combined with the warm shades of natural bamboo, perfectly and tastefully complements the interior.


  • Lighter weight. Bamboo is twice as light as wood.
  • More durable. Bamboo wood is almost one and a half times harder than oak wood.
  • More environment-friendly. It is made of natural bamboo, which grows in an ecologically clean area of ​​the planet. Due to the very rapid growth (from 20 to 90 centimetres per day), the stems do not have time to accumulate harmful substances, as may be the case with other wood.
  • More lasting. Bamboo does not crack and does not absorb moisture in contrast to the other hard woods.
  • The bamboo table T13 is more ergonomic. Table legs are height-adjustable, there is a pad for a cup and a box for your gadgets. More modern. The table is equipped with two fans.


Weight4 kg
Dimensions57 × 36 × 5.2 cm

UFT box, Private label box, No name box

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